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Technology overload

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I am currently in transition having finished my last contract and looking for the next one. In the last three years I find my self for the first time with some time on hand., to sit and dig into what really interests me in the .NET space at the moment. I get torn between wanting to familiarize myself with a new API or going back to basics and getting a strong understanding of how things work or should work in an object oriented paradigm. At the moment very upbeat about behaviour driven design using JP’s testing libraries. ASP.net MVC is also on the horizon., jQuery comes to mind as I say that., now with MS acknowledging it will be integrated with the next VS instalment. 

Lets see.. as I progress I will attempt to use this blog to jot down my notes. I guess right now I really just need to get into the habit of posting.


Written by Afif

April 9, 2009 at 5:11 am

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